Get Your Digital House In Order – Part 1

Here at InterMedia, we negotiate over $600M in media dollars annually.  That’s a lot of traditional broadcast buying of TV, radio and print.  When it comes to TV, there is simply no other medium that can provide such a broad reach for awareness of your company, product or brand.  That being said, before you ever use a broadcast medium, you must ensure you have your “digital house in order” so you can continue to communicate with potential customers who see your broadcast advertising.  Customers are rarely ready to purchase from you today and will need additional communication along their journey toward purchase. In this series, we’ll outline effective digital strategies and tactics crucial to augment and support any broadcast campaign.  This post will highlight the role of email marketing.

Email Marketing as a First Step

A large broadcast campaign needs and deserves a lead in, and email marketing is a great first step. Here is why email marketing as that initial customer acquisition pipeline and source for future analysis works so well.

Email is Ubiquitous

Although SMM gets all of the buzz, email is the original social media. It is also the only social media that a majority of people have. Facebook may have 1.5 billion profiles, but its reach is limited in the demographic under age 25. Twitter is growing, but it has less than 50% engagement in most countries outside of the US and the UK. However, everyone has email, and email is around 40 times better at customer acquisition than either Facebook or Twitter. Email is also the first and last thing most people check every day regardless of their activity on social media sites.

Convenient Implementation

A bevy of self-serve and enterprise level SaaS solutions make starting and maintaining an email campaign easier than ever. Savvy marketers cross reference CRM software Rolodexes with automated email programs to give the impression of personalization without increasing manpower at all. With this technology well within the budget of even the newest startup venture, a small company can behave like a huge one without millions in the bank.

Wide Array of Choices

There are many different kinds of proven email formats that marketers have to choose from. Business letters, newsletters, press releases, coupons, even location specific offers on mobile operating systems are among the tools that marketers have at their disposal. The format changes that can easily meet the immediate needs of a campaign probably account for the much higher conversion rate for emails when compared to social media – three times higher, in fact.

The Power of Automation

Automated and auto drip programs give marketers a scaled communications solution that does not require a similar expansion of funds to proliferate. Marketers can set dates for an annual campaign on a lunch break, sending out thousands of individually personalized emails that respond to the previous activity of the customer or potential customer.

The Move to Mobile

The mobile platforms continue to increase their commercial potential and appeal. 2014 was the first year that more emails were opened on an iPhone than on a desktop, and forward thinking companies are responding. Because of the convenience and immediacy, the average consumer engages even more with email on a smart phone or a tablet than on a desktop, so this number will only increase in the future. Sending coupons through emails on mobile devices also gives marketers the ability to offer location specific rates and deals.

Better Results

The media loves the newest marketing techniques while successful marketers stick with what actually works. Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300% in the United States; it is almost irresponsible to ignore this number, especially when a company is considering a huge outlay of funds into a broadcast campaign. As far as the digital world goes, email is still king, and any broadcast campaign would do well to build itself off of the cheap, scalable and convenient platform that continues to prove itself year after year.