Get Your Digital House In Order – Part 4 – Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

InterMedia believes that integrating our advertising campaigns with modern marketing opportunities provides clients with synergistic results that are better together than either approach individually. We work with clients to build strategies that build on the fundamentals of direct response, while taking advantage of the reach of social media. We embarked on this series, “Get Your Digital House in Order,” to educate readers on these opportunities and discuss ways to incorporate them into marketing campaigns. This post highlights the use of Facebook advertising.

Facebook Hits a Growth Spurt

Facebook is still the largest social media channel, with over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users as of March 31, 2016. This is an astonishing 15 percent increase, especially for a medium that already seems ubiquitous. Businesses of all sizes can use Facebook to connect with prospects and customers, depending on your goals. If your business sells products internationally, you can use Facebook to advertise to a global audience. But, even if you are a local mom and pop shop with all your customers in a 25-mile radius, you can still target Facebook users that are within your geographic area.

Get Familiar with Facebook Ads

As a marketer you have access to a wide array of Facebook advertising opportunities. Some of the most popular include:

  • Domain AdsThese are ads which appear on the right side of a Facebook page, which encourage viewers to click through to your website. The ad consists of a business name, website link, photo, and very short description.
  • Page Post Ads: You can give a boost to existing posts by sponsoring them or create an unpublished post to promote something like an event or a special offer. These feature a larger image and more content to attract viewers’ attention. They also include the standard like, share and comment capabilities to encourage sharing. Options include a Page post link ad, Page post photo ad, Page post text ad, Page post video ad and an Offer ad.
  • Carousel Ads:Great for showing up to five images and links which you can use to showcase your products and logo.

Reach Your Target Audience on Facebook

As you start using Facebook to advertise, you will find that there any many ways to refine your targeting. Look in the ad set settings and use the interests, behaviors and other categories to have Facebook help you find prospective customers by geographic area, lifestyle, interests, age, gender and just about any other qualifier you can imagine. You can also target by defining blogs, apps, companies and influencers.  Refining and zeroing in on specific interests can be a key component to reaching your target audience.  Typically, these type of interests perform better than broad or slightly vague ones.

Build an Audience for Your Facebook Ads

Start leveraging the work you started with your email audience (see our first post in this series on email marketing) and upload that list to Facebook as well. Facebook will compare it to their database, and help you target those on your list with new opportunities. You can also ask Facebook to find similar audiences who might be interested in what you have to offer. Detailed targeting now includes a must also match feature.  This allows you to pick a must also match as part of your interests, as opposed to just a group of interests.  Combine creatives from your Facebook ads and emails to bump up your frequency with the target audience.

Analyze Your Facebook Ads Results

Your Facebook Ad Manager page provides a list of your most recent campaigns with their results, cost, and reach. Study these to determine how well your ads did, and make decisions as to how they can be improved for the next time.

DigitalMarketer showcased the power and conversion potential of Facebook Insights, by using it to promote a campaign they called Ultimate Social Media Swipe File.  DigitalMarketer found a list of interests with an audience size of 500,000 people, that converted well after 5-7 days.

  • They wanted to scale to find even more people who were most like this particular interest group, so they could generate more leads and more sales at a faster rate. They added more interests into the Interests Box in Audience Insights, and this pulled up a wide array of demographic information for this audience which included: age, gender and education level.
  • While useful, they found more of what they were looking for under the Page Likes Not only could they scale their campaign using new interests found such as Websites They Like and Magazines They’re Reading, they found a list of Facebook pages that were most likely to be liked by their particular audience.
  • Facebook Insights was helping them find new interests to target that are most like the interests they were already converting. They were able to create audience sizes that eclipsed what they were initially targeting!

The great thing about using the Facebook Insights tool is that it enables marketers to target their ads more efficiently and effectively.  With richer data, you’re able to create much stronger buyer personas, beef up your competitive research and build stronger, more persuasive content.

Get Started with Facebook Advertising

Digital and direct advertising should go hand in hand for maximum impact. InterMedia can either guide your business along the path of creating a successful digital marketing plan, or create and execute it on your behalf. We have digital capabilities that can complement our DRTV media planning and buying to increase your company’s ROI. Call 800-846-3289 or send an email to for further information on integrating direct response and Facebook advertising.