Get Your Digital House In Order – Part 5 – Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn

When your business needs to initiate major advertising campaigns, InterMedia® has the proprietary media networks, clout and relationships to deliver maximum reach, effectiveness and ROI for your marketing dollar. We also believe that clients should ramp up their digital marketing efforts to support and dovetail with any traditional media strategies. Our series, “Get Your Digital House in Order,” educates readers on social media marketing. Previous installments focused on email marketingGoogle AdWords campaigns, and Facebook advertising. This post highlights the use of LinkedIn networking and advertising.

LinkedIn Keeps Proving Its Value

LinkedIn is one of the original “Big Three” of social media marketing, along with Facebook and Twitter. It has become the perfect outlet for advertising and building an online community, especially for those in the business world. With over 433 million current members, and professionals signing up to join at the rate of more than two per second, LinkedIn is now the world’s pre-eminent professional communications network. Simply put; LinkedIn can help your business FIND people and companies you want to work with, along with helping you get FOUND by companies and people who want to do business with you.

Build a LinkedIn Community

Perhaps the best known feature of LinkedIn is its incredible profile creation engine for professionals and companies.  Creating a profile is vital to networking successfully in today’s connected business world.

A commanding profile draws interested parties to your LinkedIn page. Include a professional looking photograph, fill out all information, and build an attention-grabbing headline for yourself that draws readers in for more. Include background details that make visitors want to take further action. Ask your LinkedIn connections for endorsements to build your credibility.

The real power behind LinkedIn though, lies in the Six Degrees of Separation principle, which states that “everyone on the planet is connected by no more than six introductions.” You can be connected to the President of the United States by no more than six introductions, but you are also connected to an ice fisherman in Alaska by no more than six introductions—and probably even less thanks to social media.

Eliminate the Need for Cold Calling

Use LinkedIn to leverage your current relationships, or first level connections, to see how they are connected to people and companies that can benefit from your business. Find the advanced search box at the top of your home page, next to the magnifying glass. Click on it, and you will be taken to a page that allows you to search by first name, last name, title, company, school, industry, location – even zip code. If you are a label maker for packaged goods in Los Angeles for example, search for industries like consumer goods, consumer services and consumer electronics, and LinkedIn will provide you with a list of members that fit your criteria and show how you are connected to them. Then, reach out to the folks you know and ask for an introduction to the folks they know that you want to work with.  Referrals account for 90% of new business, so using LinkedIn this way will help you generate those referrals and help eliminate any need for cold calling.

Advertising on LinkedIn

Because of its unique audience and targeting capabilities, LinkedIn is the perfect outlet for B2B marketers to generate leads and build awareness. In fact, LinkedIn ranks as the top social media site used for product launches among B2B marketers worldwide.

While LinkedIn and Facebook advertising have commonalities—both platforms have fairly consistent audience measurements—LinkedIn cultivates more industry data by marketing solely to B2B audiences and professionals.  Facebook markets toward both B2B and consumer audiences, but is recommended more for engagement with consumers. Instead of just searching for certain behaviors, LinkedIn users can target ads by job title, job function, company size, and even level of seniority.

LinkedIn advertising opportunities include text ads, display ads, dynamic ads, sponsored InMail directly to a target’s inbox, and sponsored content. The company also recently launched LinkedIn Account Targeting and programmatic advertising for display ads.

Getting Even More from LinkedIn

Many search functions and reporting features can but accomplished with LinkedIn’s free version, but there are additional premium features that can help your sales teams and human resources departments. The most effective way to unlock more sales opportunities is with Sales Navigator.  Sales Navigator provides in-depth user details along with advanced search and filtering options. LinkedIn reports that, on average, social selling leaders see 45% more opportunities created with professional features such as InMail™ messages, Enhanced Who’s Viewed Your Profile, Sales Insights, Unlimited Profile Search, Advanced Search with Lead Builder, Lead Recommendations and Saved Leads.  With Sales Navigator, you’re able to find the right type of prospects that fit your targets more quickly and efficiently.

Using Sales Navigator also allows you to stay informed throughout the sales cycle by using Sales Insights.  Sales Insights allows you to stay up-to-date on the activity of your prospects and your customers, helping you bolster those relationships and grow them effectively.

Sales Navigator features two editions—Professional and Team—so you’re able to choose which works best for you and your company. The Team Edition, while having all of the features of the Professional Edition, also features Salesforce Import and Sync, Warm Introductions, 25 Out-of-Network Unlocks per month, and much more.

Getting Started

Digital and direct advertising should go hand in hand for maximum impact. InterMedia® has digital capabilities that complement our DRTV media planning and buying to increase your company’s ROI. Call 800-846-3289 or send an email to [email protected] for further information on integrating direct response with LinkedIn advertising and networking.