InterMedia Insights 4.4.2016

InterMedia Insights

Hot Media Trends for April 4, 2016

  • The Federal Trade Commission plans to explore consumer protection issues raised by new technologies, including “smart TVs,” the agency announced this week. “In 2016, virtually all television delivery systems — smart TVs, streaming devices, game consoles, apps, and even old-fashioned set-top boxes — track consumers’ viewing habits, and sometimes in new and unexpected ways,” the FTC stated Thursday on its Web site. Smart TV manufacturer Vizio is currently facing a federal lawsuit for allegedly sharing information about people’s viewing histories with ad tech companies and data brokers. That lawsuit came shortly after ProPublica reported that Vizio tracks television viewers by default, and then shares data with companies that send targeted ads to people’s phones, tablets and other devices. (Read More on MediaPost)
  • NBC reports that it has surpassed $1 billion in national advertising sales for the Rio Olympics, four months earlier than the 2012 Games. NBC reached that mark July 25, 2012, just two days prior to the opening ceremonies. This year, NBC reached that mark with 129 days left to go until the Aug. 5 opening ceremonies. The $1 billion figure includes national broadcast, cable and digital sales. One of the possible reasons for the four-month lead on London: Rio’s TV-friendly time zone. The Brazilian metropolis is only one hour ahead of the East Coast, ensuring much of NBC’s prime-time coverage will be live. In fact, this summer’s Olympics will feature the most live programming that NBC has ever produced for an Olympics. (Read More on ADWEEK)
  • Fox News Channel — and other cable news networks — witnessed sharply higher TV viewership in the first quarter, with Fox topping all cable networks. Fox News Channel soared 38% in total prime-time viewers to average a Nielsen 2.37 million viewers. A year ago, it had 1.74 million in prime time, fourth-highest among all cable networks. Fox also bested all networks in total day viewership with 1.35 million. Cable news networks witnessed higher TV viewership in the period, largely due to contentious and entertaining presidential primary and debate programming. CNN more than tripled its viewership in prime-time — up 165% to 1.42 million viewers versus 535,000 for the same period a year ago. CNN, which was in 30th place among all prime-time networks, moved up to sixth place overall. MSNBC grew 66% to 888,000 prime-time viewers to land in 16th place versus 536,000 prime-time viewers and its position in 29th place in the first quarter of 2015. (Read more on MediaPost)
  • Radio’s 2016 political revenue windfall looks to be bigger than originally expected. Borrell Associates has upped its forecast for total political advertising by 3.1%, to $1.7 billion. In a new report, the firm says the biggest beneficiaries of this additional $357 million will be digital, radio and cable—and local media in general. “With broadcast TV inventory clogged, campaigns and PACs have been turning to available inventory such as cable, radio spots and digital banner ads,” Borrell says in the report. (Read more on MediaPost)

This and That…

2Q – Mareket Conditions

Lifetime Channel – Historically 2Q is LIFETIME’s most expensive and tightest quarter. They typically have a big push surrounding Mother’s Day in May and tighten up significantly during that time. Prime will continue to be the tightest daypart, which then trickles down to other areas… FYI and Crime Investigation – Inventory will be limited in all dayparts due to high DR demand… History Channel – Lower-end DR rates will continue to be preempted for general ADU packages. That along with the strengthening DR marketplace will keep rates strong as we get closer to May. Expecting healthy scatter sellouts with Vikings, ROOTs, Alone (S2), Six, Join or Die, Barbarians Rising, etc. all slated during the quarter…

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