InterMedia Insights 8.22.2016

Hot Media Trends for August 22, 2016

  • The 2016 Rio Olympics have come to an end, and over the past few weeks, marketers have spent at least $1.2 billion on national ads in hopes to making their brands known. Now, the question is: Which ones will be remembered? According to the emotion measurement firm Realeyes, 10 Olympics ads stand above the rest in terms of being emotionally compelling. Based on the feed from a web cam, Realeyes, working with audience platform Lucid, used machine learning and artificial intelligence to track the movements of 49 key facial points on 4,500 people to understand what each person thought and felt. After test subjects watched dozens of Olympics ads, the data was then analyzed with an algorithm to understand which emotions were most prevalent. Find out the best by clicking here: Read More on ADWEEK

  • The big four broadcast networks continue to dominate the industry’s traditional Nielsen reach measures — even as some erosion has occurred. In July, broadcast networks had between 76% and 82% reach in the U.S. — reach defined here as homes watching each network for at least one minute in the month, according to Pivotal Research Group. NBC is at the top of the range at 81.7%, followed by CBS at 80%; ABC with 79.4%; Fox at 75.5%; and CW, 61.1%. CBS lost the least among the major TV networks. Cable TV networks with the best reach continue to be major brands such as TBS, TNT, FX, USA and AMC, all posting around 50% reach during the month, and all declining to some extent — TNT, 51.4%; TBS, 49.1%; AMC, 48.5%; USA, 48.1%; and FX, 47.9%. Cable news networks all gained reach during the month: CNN, 45.9%; Fox, 39.1%; and MSNBC, 38.5% due to the strong interest in the big political election season. (Read More on MediaPost)


  • A bankruptcy judge approved Univision Communications‘ $135 million acquisition of Gawker Media. Univision will fold six Gawker Media sites into the Fusion Media Group, but is not taking on flagship site Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Deadspin, Lifehacker and Kotaku will join the Fusion Media Group which includes The Onion, The Root, Flama and other digital, music and TV entities including Fusion and El Rey. While its base of operations is outside Miami, co-located with Univision News, Fusion Media Group has about 100 staffers in New York’s NoHo neighborhood, not far from Gawker’s headquarters in Union Square. With the six new sites, Fusion Media Group is expected to reach 75 million monthly unique visitors. Gawker Media, including, reached 56 million uniques in July. (Read More on ADWEEK)


  • Spending on political advertising during the U.S. presidential election has dropped 60% from 2012, a troubling sign for local TV broadcasters. Since late April, when Donald Trump effectively secured the Republican nomination, $146 million has been spent in the presidential race by all sponsors, compared with $373 million over the same period in 2012, according to an analysis by a Bloomberg Politics polling and advertising analyst. That hurts station owners like Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., Tegna Inc., and Tribune Media Co. Spending is down in part because Trump’s campaign has relied on getting his message across in a steady stream of media interviews and tweets. There also hasn’t been as much spending by Republican outside groups, such as political action committees. On the Democratic side, the primary season went longer this year than four years ago as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled into early summer. More spending than normal will come in the Q4 because of the Trump campaign’s late fundraising push. (Read More on AdAge)



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