InterMedia Insights 9.6.2016

Hot Media Trends for September 6, 2016

  • Traditional U.S. ads in second-quarter 2016 advertising rose 2.5%, slowing from the 4.3% gains registered in both 4Q 2015 and 1Q 2016, says MoffettNathanson Research. Still, total advertising thanks to digital media was up 11.5% in the second quarter, after a 10.8% gain in the first quarter. The researcher predicts that by the end of 2016, overall U.S. advertising is expected to climb 8.1% to $191.2 billion for the year. Another industry analyst, London-based advertising researcher Warc, is also bullish on ad spending and says the U.S. ad spend will rise 5.8% to a record high of $178 billion – double the amount projected for the overall U.S. economy. Warc says U.S. TV spending will rise 6.6% to $68 billion this year, due to increased spending on the Rio Olympics and the U.S. presidential election. Warc adds that U.S. digital media spending will grow at more than double the rate of TV – 13.7%. Overall, digital media will achieve near the same dollar value of the TV ad market this year – and is predicted to rise above TV next year. MoffettNathanson says TV remains the leader in U.S. advertising. Improving TV spending in the first half of the year is now estimated to mean a rise of 6.6% to $80.3 billion. Faster-growing Internet/digital advertising spending will climb 21% to $72 billion. Radio will add 2% to $17.7 billion, with newspapers sinking 8% to $16.9 billion; consumer magazines will rise 2% to $12.5 billion; and outdoor will inch up 1% to $7.4 billion.  (Read More on Response Magazine)
  • Late each month, J.D. Power and LMC Automotive issue a projection for the month’s final automotive sales and the estimate for August is not looking good: new-vehicle retail sales are expected to be down 6.5% from a year ago. GM is expected to report lower sales for the 5th consecutive month. General Motors has lost nearly a full point of market share this year, although one executive says it’s because of reduced rental sales, which are less profitable anyway. As automotive sales slow, the Chief Economist of the National Automobile Dealers Association thinks it’s likely that leasing will become even more of a factor in keeping sales numbers up. Leasing accounted for over 31% of new vehicle transactions in the year’s first half. (Read more on Inside Radio)


  • Local newspapers are still the top source of news about readers’ communities, including their branded Web sites and social media channels, according to a new survey of 1,000 local media users commissioned by AMG/Parade, and conducted by research outfit Coda Ventures. Newspapers led online consumption for local news, the Coda survey found, with 40% of local news consumers saying they had visited a newspaper Web site in the past 30 days, compared to 29% for local TV station Web sites, 16% for local radio station Web sites, and 15% for magazines. Local papers also lead when it comes to advertising effectiveness. Asked which media they consider the best source of information for sales and deals, 47% of local media users cited newspapers, compared to 32% for TV and 27% for direct mail. Turning to specific ad categories, local media users named newspapers as their “most relied on” source for deals across a range of goods and services, including apparel and accessories (33%), automotive (32%), electronics (31%), groceries (44%), home furnishings (30%), home improvement (35%), lawn and garden (44%), and office supplies (36%). In each category newspapers bested TV, magazines, radio, direct mail, and social media. (Read More on MediaPost)


  • With the start of the NFL season, the league’s four major TV network partners have already cumulatively sold north of $2.5 billion of commercial time, according to sources. So strong are NFL football telecasts in the minds of marketers that each one of the networks has sold more inventory than last season, at higher prices, and that’s despite advertisers having spent some $1.2 billion on NBCUniversal’s 17 days of Summer Olympics coverage this month. Making the networks’ NFL ad sales take so far even more impressive is that they had to overcome a cumulative loss of about $150 million in ad spending by daily fantasy sport companies Draft Kings and Fan Duel, which poured money into each of the networks the first two months of last year’s NFL season. (Read more on


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