Analytics & Research

AccuTrakAccutrak®, InterMedia Advertising’s proprietary, state-of-the-art lead / sale tracking and reporting software, is the heart of the agency’s optimization protocol and the finest in the industry. Accutrak enables us to quickly isolate each campaign variable for evaluation and optimization, so timely refinements can be made for each, from media and geographic selection to creative and offer valuation.

Accutrak was developed 25 years ago to provide a higher level of granularity and insight for our clients’ direct response campaigns, and has evolved over the years to accommodate emerging media and response channels, plus integration of the latest technological advances.

The enhanced reporting and analytic capabilities generated by our newest iteration, Accutrak2018, maintains InterMedia’s position as the industry standard for analytics reporting and analysis.

InterMedia’s analytic prowess and process, however, only start with Accutrak. What truly sets us apart are the resulting campaign optimizations, insights and applications that we implement from analyzing the reporting data.

InterMedia subscribes to the full spectrum of topline media and consumer-oriented research, primarily for determining the optimal targets, messaging and offer strategies with which to initiate a campaign.

In direct response advertising, however, once our client’s campaign hits the ground, the most valuable research is home grown. This is because Accutrak provides us with real-world, real-time results specific to the campaign a client is actually running, as opposed to data that may or may not relate to its precise circumstances.

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