Media Networks

Creative may sell, but media is bought. And bought … and bought. An advertiser often spends up to 90% of its budget to purchase media, yet rarely applies as much time or scrutiny to its media plan as it does to its more-visible, but less-costly, creative projects.

Not at InterMedia Advertising. Since our inception, media planning, buying and optimization have been the backbone of our clients’ campaigns, and always will. We have grown into a $600+ million a year agency in large part from our unsurpassed ability to deliver powerful, cost-efficient media schedules for our clients, regardless of their size, industry, or geographical footprint.

At InterMedia, we’ve created a diverse framework of proprietary media networks that deliver unsurpassed efficiencies and can accommodate any advertiser, especially those in the direct response arena.

Implementing a successful media plan requires a thorough knowledge of the marketplace, buying clout and strong relationships, and we excel in all of these disciplines. But placing a schedule is only the start—every ad must be tracked and evaluated for effectiveness, and AccuTrak®, InterMedia’s proprietary analytics system, is the ultimate tool for fine-tuning a client’s initial plan into a profitable, ongoing advertising media model.

InterMedia is focused on providing the greatest media efficiencies for our clients, and we offer multiple proprietary approaches to deliver maximum ROI for every media dollar.

CPM NetworkCPM Network™ was created to aggregate unwired media networks over multiple platforms. CPM leverages InterMedia’s influence and expertise by integrating the diverse segments of today’s fragmented television landscape into a single cost-efficient buy.

CPM Network is structured to provide clients of all sizes with full access to the cable networks and local broadcast stations they need—at the highest efficiencies in the industry. This is particularly essential for direct response advertisers, who constantly need to test and incorporate new networks, stations and dayparts to establish and sustain a successful campaign.

By utilizing the CPM Network, any advertiser can run a powerful television schedule at a fraction of the usual cost.

MediaPoint NetworkFor over 20 years, MediaPoint Network™ has leveraged InterMedia’s marketplace clout and knowledge to provide our clients with profitable and sustainable performance-based advertising programs. This structure allows an advertiser to pay only for the qualified results generated by its advertising, as opposed to paying for the actual airtime.

At the heart of the MediaPoint Network is our industry-leading portfolio of television inventory. This system aggregates remnant inventory from thousands of local, regional and national media affiliates, then matches a client’s marketing and geographical requirements with the most-targeted availabilities.

This scalable low-risk / high-return sales solution makes the power of television accessible to advertisers who otherwise would not be able to harness the broad consumer reach and persuasive selling power that only TV can deliver.