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ER Magazine: Labor of Love

Article by Rick Petry
Originally published in the July / August 2015 issue of ER Magazine
–the official publication of the Electronic Retailing Association

article… This kind of certainty isn’t always a mainstay for intergenerational family work alliances. “I went to school for business management and wanted to work in the fashion industry,” reveals Lindsay Fontaine, vice president and associate media director at Woodland Hills, Calif.-based direct response powerhouse InterMedia Group. Lindsay is the daughter of InterMedia president and CEO Robert Yallen, who had hoped his child would one day carry on a family tradition that he began with his father, Sydney Yallen. “I grew up an only child and always wanted to be in business with my dad,” he says. “We had a very tight relationship, and I would sit around the dinner table as a kid and actually listen to him as he talked about his pioneering days in the media industry.”

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