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Since our establishment in 1974, InterMedia has consistently relied on outstanding media management as the cornerstone of our clients' success.
Evolving into a $1 billion-per-year Full Service Brand Response Media Agency, we systematically execute targeted, cost-efficient media campaigns for clients of all sizes, industries, and geographical footprints. This is attributed to our steadfast commitment to:

  • 01

    Providing state of the art analytics and attribution

  • 02

    Leveraging proprietary media assets

  • 03

    Our team members being high-caliber media experts

We are all media specialists:

  • Broadcast, cable, satellite, digital

  • National, local, regional.

  • Reaching your prospects on their TV sets, tablets, phones.

  • Direct response, brand-building, hybrid, retail

With dedicated experts for every media channel

Social Media, OTT, CTV, radio, print, out-of-home, and direct mail.
Managed by the best people, with the mindset and tools to deliver ongoing, powerful Results. On time and on budget.

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To consistently achieve excellent outcomes…

InterMedia’s focuses full resources on constantly improving your campaign.

With the tools, systems, people and mindset to deliver powerful, sustainable media plans. Our campaign management process mandates timely response tracking, analysis, and optimization, a process that maximizes each variable’s potency.

Each placement’s results must be tracked and evaluated.

AccuTrak®, InterMedia’s proprietary analytics system, is the ultimate platform for transforming each plan into a profitable, sustainable advertising model. That delivers high volumes of revenue-generating results.

Results that make you feel good and look great. Your kind of results.

The Accutrak® Attribution Process:

  • Isolate attribution-eligible responses

    (TV’s immediate incremental impact)

  • Identify which specific airings drive each response

  • Aggregate model’s results into meaningful dimensions leading to media optimization

This process is critical and ongoing, especially for direct response campaigns, whose management is particularly labor intensive. Labor comprised of nonstop results tracking, analysis, renegotiation, and optimization.
A television campaign often has significant influence on the other segments of an advertiser’s media mix.


Dedicated service to clients of all sizes

Results Delivered for our Clients

We take pride in our achievements. Our Creative team has garnered more than 100 awards for excellence in creative and production.

InterMedia Entertainment is the Recognized Leader

in matching, developing, and executing celebrity and entertainment deals for direct response advertisers.

Vivica A. Fox
Dan Marino
George Foreman
Jeremy Piven
Frankie Muniz
Richard Karn
Joe Theismann
Chris Berman
Ric Flair
Pat Maroon
Walker Buehler
Pete Alonso

At InterMedia, we’re experts at putting together the right deal at the right price with the right celebrity for your brand. We’re highly skilled at constructing durable, ROI-based relationships that create the ultimate value from these endorsement arrangements.

Results That Build Brands, Drive Revenue and Lift Company Morale

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